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The Scoop on a New Treatment for Pattern Baldness Sufferers

The Scoop on a New Treatment for Pattern Baldness Sufferers

There is a new treatment, using cell therapy, being developed in Vancouver to address female and male pattern baldness.

There is a company local to us here at Forila, RepliCel Life Sciences in Vancouver, BC, Canada, that is using regenerative medicine to treat injuries, damaged skin and even Androgenic alopecia, often referred to as female or male pattern baldness.

Their science is based on seeing cells as medicine. The treatment can be called cell therapy. They use cells that they extract from hair follicles to regenerate hair. Cells are gathered with a small biopsy. These cells are then replicated and introduced to the area where there is balding. As we know, much of medical treatment around baldness is centered on chemicals or rather invasive transplant treatments. This is a process that involves no synthetics, just your own cells.

RepliCel is currently undergoing trials to prove the safety and the effectiveness of their treatment. They say that they are still several years away from bringing their development to market, but it’s good news for individuals that suffer from male (or female) pattern baldness looking for an alternative solution.

While cosmetic solutions such as Forila fibers are a great choice for dealing with thinning hair, in some cases and with more extreme baldness scenarios, considering a more intensive treatment option (that can often work in tandem with our hair fibers during and even after treatment), is the only solution for truly and effectively addressing a bald spot.

To learn more about RepliCel Life Sciences, check out their website at or go to their specific page dedicated to their hair regeneration therapy here.


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