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A Look at Hair Loss Solutions Part 5: At a glance comparison

A Look at Hair Loss Solutions Part 5: At a glance comparison


In our final post on hair loss solutions, we offer you an overview comparing hair fibers with the other options you have at your disposal.

In our series of posts on different hair loss solutions available, we’ve run the gamut from medical treatments to cosmetic concealers to hair fibers, covering both keratin fibers as well as plant-based fibers.

To wrap things up and to make things a little easier for those comparing the options they have at their disposal, we decided to put together an at a glance comparison in this post, touching on some of the most important points and considerations when evaluating hair loss solutions and treatments.

  Medical treatments (e.g. drugs, hair transplants) Cosmetic concealers (e.g. cream, polish, spray) Keratin fibers Plant-based hair fibers
Ingredients Medications are created with synthetic chemicals. Made with synthetic chemicals. Made from animal based fibers (wool) and synthetic dyes. Made from cotton and mineral based dyes – all natural and vegan.
Medical side effects As with any prescription medication, there are side effects. With a transplant, side effects are dependent on the quality of the procedure and they will vary by individual. Full of chemicals which can lead to adverse side effects and reactions. Synthetic dyes can cause adverse reactions and side effects. None. Made from all-natural materials.
Comfort level Medications can result in some side effects that may cause general discomfort. With transplants there can be some discomfort post surgery as your scalp heals. Can result in rashes and itchiness, especially with sensitive scalps. Can result in rashes and itchiness, especially with sensitive scalps. Very comfortable. Hypoallergenic composition means no adverse reactions.
Endurance / Longevity With medications, you must continue to take them to enjoy results. With a transplant, results should be life-long. Susceptible to washing out or rubbing off. Can smear or stain clothing. Susceptible to falling out. Does not create a strong bong with existing hair. Last all day. Fibers stay put until you wash them out.
Ease of application N/A Varies by product. Generally straightforward, but can be messy. Generally straightforward – can be challenging to get the fibers to hold. Easy – takes just minutes.
Results With medications, you may enjoy visible hair growth, but it’s usually quite modest. Full regrowth unlikely.With transplants, highly dependent on skill of surgeon and results vary by individual. Look unnatural and obvious, especially from close up. Color hues can look dull or unnatural. May not stay in place, especially with vigorous activity or adverse weather conditions. Do not work to thicken existing hair. Look totally natural, even from close-up, with a very strong bond to existing hair. Soft, natural hues complement your hair color.
Time to result Medical treatments can take a very long time. Immediate upon application. Immediate upon application. Immediate upon application.
Costs $$$$
Very expensive.
Reasonably priced.
Reasonably priced.
Reasonably priced.

We hope that you find this at a glance table useful. If you have any questions at all about our plant based fibers or other hair loss concealer options, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you out and share our knowledge with you. But as always, please note our disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: Content provided on this site is solely for informational purposes and is not medical advice intended to replace the counsel of a medical professional. It is your sole responsibility to consult a licensed physician or qualified health care professional for advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment of any health related condition or any condition related to hair loss.



How do u apply the product??


Hi Kim,
Thank you for asking. Forila is easy to use. Please note: use Forila only on dry hair. To apply it, you gently shake the bottle to dispense fibers onto the thinning area. Apply more until your hair looks full and thick. You may use hair spray if you wish.

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