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What are Forila Hair Fibers made of?

Forila Hair Fibers are made of 100% cotton fibers, similar to the materials in 100% cotton cloth, and natural mineral colorants. There are no animal ingredients and harsh chemical dyes in our fibers – they are completely safe for use on even sensitive scalp.

How does Forila work?

Forila hair building fibers are cut with a precision laser into tiny micro-sized fibers that are designed to statically cling to your existing hair giving you volume, coverage and fullness. It's all based on science – click here to learn more.

Does Forila work for both men and women?

Yes. Forila is an amazing solution for hair loss in both men and women. It is an effective alternative to hair transplants with instant results at a fraction of the cost. Unlike other products, Forila will not cover the scalp like a cream or paint. Instead, Forila fibers bind to the existing hair for a look that is thicker and fuller in just seconds!

Are Forila Hair Fibers safe for my scalp?

Yes, they are completely safe. Forila Hair Fibers are all natural and plant-based. The colorants are derived from natural minerals. They contain no harsh chemiclas. Forila will not cause any undesirable or uncomfortable reactions on your scalp, even if you have sensitive skin.

If I am bald should I use Forila?

No, we DO NOT recommend Forila to those who are bald. Forila hair fibers attach to your existing hair to make it look thicker and fuller. Forila may not work for people with advanced hair loss level - Men's Norwood Scale 6 & 7 and Women's Ludwig Scale III & Advanced (Learn more about who is Forila for).

Are Forila Hair Fibers safe to use with other hair loss treatments?

Yes. Forila is an excellent way to hide the visible scalp and thinning area while using other treatments like hair transplants, Propecia or Minoxidil to re-grow your own hair. Apply other scalp treatments first, wait for your scalp to dry completely and then apply Forila.

Do Forila Hair Fibers affect hair growth?

No. Forila is not medicine and will not harm your hair in any way. Forila will not grow hair or stop thinning and it will not slow or impede normal hair growth.

Can people around me see I am using Forila?

Forila will instantly eliminate the appearance of hair loss and thinning. Your hair will look completely natural and the fibers are undetectable even under bright light or close up.

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How many colors does Forila come in?

There are 8 colors available: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, blonde, gray and white.

How do I choose a color for my hair?

Look in a mirror - the hair root color in the thinning hair is the color to order.

Can I mix two colors if you don't have my exact shade?

Yes. Our colors can easily blend to match any hair shade. You can order two different colors and adjust the ratio of two colors for a perfect color match:

  • either mix the two colors in a clean container then pour back into the original Forila bottle before application;
  • or apply a thin layer of the darker shade and gently pat your hair to disperse the fibers. Then apply the lighter shade and gently pat your hair again.

What if I am not happy with the color I ordered?

Simply return the product and…

  • exchange for a different color;
  • request a refund. Forila offers a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.
Please check our Return Policy for more information.

How will Forila Hair Building Fibers be shipped?

Forila ships via Canada Post service. The fibers are shipped in a discreet box or envelope without any indication of the contents.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders placed before 2:00PM PST will be processed the same business day. After 2:00PM PST, and on weekends and holidays, orders will be processed the next business day. Typically you will receive your order in 1-8 days for standard shipping within Canada and the Continental US. Click here to get more details on shipping.

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Can I apply Forila by myself?

Yes. The Forila container is designed for easy application. You can look in a mirror to apply Forila on your scalp by yourself.

How do I apply Forila Hair Fibers?

For best results, your hair should be clean and completely dry. Hold the bottle about 2-3 inches above your hair and simply shake the Forila Hair Fibers over the thinning areas of your hair. Lightly pat your hair to disperse fibers in place. For added control, apply a light coating of hair spray to lock fibers in place. For more application tips, go to our How to Use page.

Can Forila Hair Fibers be used with hairspray, hair gel or hair oil?

Yes, you can use Forila with other styling products. Please remember:

  • use hairspray after Forila
  • use hair gel or hair oil before Forila

Can I use styling tools like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers when using Forila Hair Fibers?

You can use whichever styling tools you wish. First, style your hair and then apply the hair fibers for a perfect finish.

Will Forila Hair Fibers stain my clothes or pillow?

No. The color in our fibers will not run or stain your clothes, bed linens or pillows, even when wet.

How do I remove Forila Hair Fibers?

Simply shampoo your hair as usual.

Will Forila Hair Fibers fall off on my shirt or clothing?

Forila Hair Fibers are statically charged and designed to fasten to your hair. They should not come loose in normal daily activity. If you desire greater hold, apply a light coat of hair spray to adhere the fibers to your natural hair.


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