10 Reasons to Choose Forila Hair Fibers

Forila Natural Hair Fibers
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Keratin Hair Fibers
1 Price and Value
(with one regular size purchase)
$34.95 Buy One Get One FREE
31 g (1.09 oz) in total
up to a 100-day supply
$1.127/g - BEST VALUE!
25 g (0.88 oz)
$35 ~ $46
25-28 g (0.88 ~ 0.97 oz)
$1.40 - 1.60/g
2 Natural Cotton Fibers
3 Free of Animal Ingredients
4 Free of Synthetic Dyes
5 Lasts the Whole Day Varies by brand
6 Money Back Guarantee Varies by brand
7 Free Shipping * Varies by brand
8 Same Day Shipping On orders placed
before 5PM EST
On orders placed
before 2PM EST
Varies by brand
9 Shipping From Canada US or Asia US, Europe or Asia
10 Hair Spray Use with any hair spray product. Using hair spray is optional.
Proprietary spray Proprietary spray

* FREE SHIPPING on orders of US$50 or over (excluding taxes) to the Continental US and Canada!

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is Forila?

A hair loss solution that actually works! Meet Forila - the fastest, safest and most effective way to get a full head of hair.


does Forila work?

Forila hair fibers are powered by the laws of physics and application couldn't be easier! Just a couple of shakes is all it takes.


choose Forila?

Even if you've tried it all, from toupees to spray-ons, with Forila, things will be different. Experience the confidence of a full, thick head of hair.


is Forila for?

Men and women of all ages can suffer the effects of hair loss, thinning hair or bald spots. Rediscover that youthful, confident you with Forila.

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