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A Look at Hair Loss Solutions Part 4: Plant Based Hair Building Fibers

A Look at Hair Loss Solutions Part 4: Plant Based Hair Building Fibers

In this series of posts on different hair loss solutions, we have already talked about medical treatments, cosmetic hair loss concealers, and keratin hair fibers. In this 4th post, we will now look at another alternative when it comes to hair fibers, this time looking at plant-based fibers, such as Forila.

What are plant-based fibers?

Unlike keratin fibers which are made from animal products (usually wool), plant based fibers are just that – a vegan friendly, all natural alternative. Plant based hair fibers are made from cotton and they offer some specific benefits, including:

  • They are hypoallergenic and will not cause adverse reactions with your skin and scalp.
  • Based on the scientific law of attraction, they form a stronger bond with your existing hair than keratin fibers (you can see more information about the science behind the Forila breakthrough here). They stay in place, even with wind, rain and sweat.
  • They look natural and give you fullness and coverage.

Some things to note about plant based fibers:

  • They are not a suitable solution for those that suffer from total baldness. They work based on an attraction with existing hair.
  • Hair fibers do not actually treat hair loss. It’s about masking thinning areas. They work to thicken your existing hair, for a look that is much more natural and looks full without being obvious.
  • There are no side effects from using plant based fibers. Since they are made from all natural ingredients, even those with sensitive scalps will not experience itching, rashes or other allergic reactions.
  • Look for products like Forila that also use all natural mineral based dyes. The color hues look more natural than synthetics and are better for you and your skin.
  • Application is very easy. Thanks to the natural bond between the fibers and your hair, they stay in place without fuss. With a bit of practice, your application routine will be quick and effortless.
  • Costs for plant based hair fibers are comparable to other types of fiber solutions and are a well-priced option for concealing thinning hair.

Now that we have covered all the different hair loss solutions available to you, we’ll finish things off by summarizing all the information in an at a glance comparison. Stay tuned for the next post!

    Plant Based Hair Building Fibers Other Cotton Fibers Keratin Hair Fibers
  Natural Cotton Fibers
  Free of Animal Ingredients
  Free of Synthetic Dyes
  Lasts the Whole Day Varies by brand
  Hair Spray Use with any hair spray product. Using hair spray is optional. Proprietary spray Proprietary spray


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