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Even if you've tried it all, from toupees to spray-ons, with Forila, things will be different. Experience the confidence of a full, thick head of hair.

Thinning hair or an unsightly bald spot is an all too common issue, for men and women alike. There is no effective way to treat hair loss and encourage regrowth, but there are plenty of hair loss concealers on the market.

With so many options available to you, here is why Forila is the savvy choice.

They'll Never Know - Forila Hair Building Fibers

They'll Never Know

Forila hair fibers are cut with a precision laser into tiny micro-sized fibers, just like human hair. The fibers are negatively charged with electrostatic energy to attract your existing hair, which is positively charged. This attraction results in hundreds of fibers working in tandem with your hair, giving you fullness and, the best part of all, a perfectly natural and youthful look. The bonding happens, naturally, based on the law of physics.

Other solutions fall out easily, look thin or are painfully obvious. This is not about gluing or spraying a product to stick to your hair or smearing your scalp with a messy cream. Forila flies under the radar, even from close up or under bright lights.

Trust us, they'll never know you're using a hair loss solution!

A Hair Loss Solution That Makes Sense - Forila Hair Building Fibers

A Hair Loss Solution That Makes Sense

Hair regrowth is a scientific conundrum and anyone that suffers from hair loss wants his or her hair to grow back. As such, there are a lot of hair loss treatments on the market claiming they can do just that. Sadly, most of them are actually marketing stories.

While the FDA has approved a small handful of hair growth drugs, like Minoxidil and Propecia, you have a long way to go before you can enjoy a full head of hair. Your hair will not grow back fully, the hair that does come in is often very wispy and let's not even get into the medical side effects. Cost is also prohibitive.

Forila hair fibers give you the results without the price tag, or the chemicals. 1 bottle of the Economy size (23g) can last for about 70 days (2-3 months)* - that's just 50 cents per day! And with our special buy one get one free offer for the Economy size, you enjoy even more savings.

*Based on once a day use for an average application - different hair types will require different product amounts.

No Matter The Weather

Thanks to the science behind Forila, our fibers ensure a strong bond with your existing hair. Your hair acts as a magnet for the fibers, attracting them with a force that is stronger than the pull of gravity. This means that they will remain firmly in place, no matter what the day brings. Rain? Wind? Sweat? No problem!

Forila also will not stain your scalp, clothing, or bedding materials, even when wet.

Be totally confident while maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle with the staying power of our hair building fibers. With Forila, you can live your life, with no interruptions.

100% Cotton Fibers

When you think of hair loss treatments, do you immediately think of chemicals, synthetics and preservatives? It's no wonder! So many solutions on the market are loaded with these artificial ingredients.

Not with Forila! Our hair fibers are made from 100% cotton and natural mineral based dyes. They are totally safe to use with absolutely no side effects. You care about what comes into contact with your skin and so do we.

Total Comfort - Forila Hair Building Fibers

Total Comfort

Unlike other materials used in hair loss solutions, such as wool dyed with harsh chemicals (often referred to as keratin fibers), our plant based fibers won't make your scalp itchy or dry and won't cause you to break out in a rash. Even if you have sensitive skin, you will not experience any adverse reactions. The fibers rest softly on your hair and scalp and do not irritate at all. With Forila, you will feel so comfortable, you may even forget you used it!

Results In An Instant - Forila Hair Building Fibers

Results In An Instant

You have better things to do with your time than spending it fussing in front of the mirror. It takes just seconds to apply Forila and eliminate the appearance of thinning hair and bald spots. Our hair fibers will soon become a quick and easy part of your morning routine. You'll be out the door and ready to take on the day, with a full head of hair of course, in no time at all.

Find Your Perfect Matc - Forila Hair Building Fibers

Find Your Perfect Match

Our fibers are a perfect match for human hair and come in an array of colors. Choose from 8 different options (you can even mix and match them) to get just the right shade to complement your natural hair color. Unlike artificial dyes that often result in a garish color that is far from subtle, the natural, mineral based colorants we use lead to soft, natural hues. Your hair, as Mother Nature intended.

Convenient Sizes - Forila Hair Building Fibers

Convenient Sizes

Forila hair building fibers come in two convenient sizes. The larger 23g Economy size is perfect for your day-to-day needs. Or bring the 8g Travel size with you when you're on the road or out and about town – just pop it in your purse or stick it in your pocket.

Take Forila, and your self-confidence, with you everywhere you go.

We're Proudly Canadian - Forila Hair Building Fibers

We're Proudly Canadian

Forila is a Canadian owned and operated company. We can speak to each and every step in our operations. The integrity and safety of our hair fibers is the #1 most important thing to our business. Learn a little more about us here. Have any questions at all about how we do things? We are based in North America and you are welcome to contact us anytime.


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